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5 Boeing Airliners with the Best Safety Records 

Recent headlines have undoubtedly raised concerns about Boeing's safety culture and continued challenges associated with the 737 MAX family. However, despite these recent challenges, the US manufacturer is also known for dozens of aircraft that maintain excellent safety records, a testament to the meticulous scrutiny of regulatory bodies like the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB), which ensure high standards of safety in the industry. 


Some of Boeing's jets maintain perfect safety records, while others have had few accidents over millions of flights. Scroll down to look at five Boeing jets that maintain the most impressive safety records. 


1 Boeing 747-8 


While earlier generations of 747s faced struggles with safety issues, the latest variant in the 747 family, the 747-8, is one of Boeing's aircraft that flies to this day with an untarnished safety record, with no significant incidents reported.  


2 Boeing 717 


With decades-long service history, the Boeing 717 is a narrowbody airliner used by several airlines today and maintains a perfect safety record. The airliner has over a million take-offs throughout its lifespan and has only been involved in six minor incidents, none of which resulted in fatalities.  


3 Boeing 787  


Currently the most modern with respect to its operational capacities and redundancy systems, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has yet to be involved in a hull-loss incident but has had some inflight engine issues and problems with lithium-ion batteries.  


4 Boeing 777


The 777 is one of Boeing's most successful airliners. First entering service in 1995, it maintains a strong safety record and has lower hull-loss rates than aircraft like the B737-400, A330, and A340. 



5 Boeing 757 


The Boeing 757, which entered service in 1982 with Eastern Air Lines, remains in service with major airlines. As of 2024, the jet has been involved in over 40 incidents. 


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