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A New Career In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Japan is one of the most amazing, beautiful, and safe countries in the world. From Mount Fuji to bustling Tokyo to zen-like Kyoto, Japan is a high-tech world mixed with the politeness and respect of their past.

Although the territory of Japan is small and it is elongated in the north-south direction. The climate of Japan has vibrant four seasons, each season has a clear feature. Spring is to experience the beautiful cherry blossom. There is a lot of rain in the summer and it is very humid but filled with life. Like spring, autumn is comfortable and stable; everything turns to crimson and gold. The winter in Japan is cold, snowy, and silent. People come to Japan and feel very comfortable during their stay.

Except for the charming natural beauty, most of the people discover Japan through the soft POP culture which has been improved by the Japanese community worldwide and the internet. The soft pop culture refers to manga, anime, music, games, art, architecture, fashion, and food, which give people an idea of what is Japan. Start from the realisation that Pokemon came from Japan, the different kind of cosplay shows were held in various countries, people’s perception of Japan is more diversified which encourages them to approach this amazing country.

Are you excited to go to Japan Now? Most of the people go to Japan and would like to stay longer. Brookfield Aviation has a chance for a limited qualified pilots to experience Japan. Calling all A320 First Officers that we co-operate with Jetstar Japan and provide working opportunities for pilots. Salaries are very attractive on a commuting or non-commuting contract. Please see more details here.

If you are already eligible to work in Japan, then next thing that comes to your mind may be; what is the work environment like? As it is already widely known, Japan is said to be a country where people dedicate an incredible amount of hours to work. And this, as much as the labour laws have been modified to adapt to the change of lifestyles, is still true for the majority of Japanese people.

Another insight that could be useful, is the fact that most Japanese companies offer to pay your taxes and also provide benefits such as support for medical insurance, pension, housing, and transportation, etc.

Keeping the above in mind, it is always better to confirm with or research about the company you are interested in, but with the changes of social mindsets, Japanese working environment nowadays is not too depressing nor worrying as it used to be considered.

Life As an Expatriate.

What makes Japan unique, is that the basis of everything in Japan is built on one language and one race, Japanese. The mentality of the people has been carried out throughout a long history through its richness of the language. For a short visit, or for a long term stay, this is what many foreigners face as both a challenge and discovery, no matter the reason why they set foot in the country. In Japan, English has been taught as a second language for years, yet many foreigners will notice that there are not many Japanese people who will answer to you in English confidently.

However, Japanese people are the friendly kind, and they will be more than happy to help you out if you are in need. So what is a life in Japan like, to a foreigner?

The answer is simple. Your eyes and ears will always encounter new people, new scenery, new words, new food, etc., and you will find yourself adoring every bit of it. Whilst guarding their traditions, Japan has also adopted many foreign cultures and manners and converted to as their own., Being a foreigner in Japan is like a passport to access a small world where you can meet yourself from both inside and outside while feeling the air of beautiful traditions and fast-innovating modern cultures.

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