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The Legend of Boeing

On 15th July 2016, Boeing ushered in its own centenary. In the last 100 years, Boeing‘s story has become a legend by improving their product system and developing a variety of ranges to meet the diverse markets’ demand. Boeing has changed the ways people across the continents and oceans go into the sky. Today, nearly 4 million people a day take Boeing aircraft for air travel, and it makes our planet smaller.

In order to celebrate 100 years of the birth of Boeing. Boeing Civil Aviation aircraft were shown together again in an event and the biggest and smallest aircraft are shown at the same time.

Start of the Legend

William Boeing was born in Detroit and he was a typical “rich and handsome guy”. In 1903, he left Yale engineering school and came to the US west coast engaged in the timber business. In 1910, Boeing joined the first International Aviation Conference and was shocked by the pilots’ performances. After returning to Seattle, Boeing determined to learn scientific knowledge in this emerging field of aviation. Since then, he obtained the flying licence and used his knowledge to produce the aircraft.

His first aircraft-B&W Model 1 made a successful trail flight in Seattle on 5th July 1916. During the period of World War I, Boeing received 50 a aircraft purchasing order from the U.S. Navy, which lay the first stone of development and growth of Boeing. In order to expand the capacity of production, Boeing established a new factory which was later named “Red Barn”. Today, the factory still exists as part of the Seattle Museum of Flight.

After the end of World War I in 1918, a large number of cheap military aircraft surplus flooded the market. The domestic aviation industry in the United States also collapsed. In order to survive, Boeing had to turn his focus to the furniture industry. It was not long before Boeing seized the opportunity when the US postal service launched air mail. In order to meet the requirement of the large demand for mail transportation, Boeing replaced the metal tube structure air frame, which was well recognised by the market.

Entering the age of Jet

William Boeing died in 1956. Thankfully, he witnessed his company into the jet generation. In 1957, Boeing 707 was introduced. It has been listed as one of the first generation of Jet aircraft. Boeing 707 also opened the tradition of naming aircraft in the form of 7X7. 15th July 1954, was the 38th anniversary of the establishment of the Boeing Company. A new plane was successful in the first flight of the day. Its aircraft registration number was N00707. Boeing’s sales department decided to name this plane as 707 due to two reasons. One is the number of 7 is a lucky number in the U.S. The second reason is 7X7 is more likely to be remembered. So Boeing decided to have a flight 707 as the first model of the jet, and continue to name the follow-up models as 727,737,747,757,767,777 and 787.

In the period of 100 years, a variety of Boeing-made aircraft have carried people to pursue the dream of flying, shuttling around the world. From the earliest seaplane to modern Jet aircraft, the shape of the aircraft has always been changing and flight speed continues to increase. Brookfield Aviation also has connections in varying degrees, such as pilots’ recruiting, aircraft sales and leasing and financing. We look forward to the next hundred years, continuing Boeing’s dream of flying.

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