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Take Off for “The British Aviation Experience”

A diverse group of youngsters from as far away as Hong Kong and Argentina arrived in London on 22nd July for a very busy and action packed two weeks, to find out just what a career in professional aviation would really be like.

The British Aviation Experience is a programme for teenagers from around the world to experience many aspects of the aviation industry, such as flying light aircraft, full motion 747 simulator, emergency training, lectures by pilots, engineers and other industry professionals and a tour of a MRO facility.

Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of the students told us that the course had strengthened

their resolve to pursue a career in aviation: “My first flying hours along with the simulator day really encouraged me to keep alive my dream of becoming a pilot” said Nick, 17 from South Africa. Matei, 17 from Romania was particularly inspired by the engineering focus. Tim from Germany, also 17 said: “ The most rewarding parts of the course were flying the PA-28 and gaining friends from all over the world. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to others”.

Brookfield Education and Training are already planning for next year’s courses which will be based at various locations in the UK, for both under 18 and 18-25 year old students, plus “The American Aviation Experience”, an equivalent course to be based in the USA. “The project has been an overwhelming success” said Todd Skaggs, Brookfield’s V.P. for Educational Services, “We will be massively expanding the programme for 2018”.

More than ever, the aviation industry needs enthusiastic, committed young men and women to become the next generation of pilots, engineers and airline management. The British Aviation Experience generates that vitally needed enthusiasm and commitment, giving students the opportunity to work and train with real professionals. We would like to thank all of our lecturers and the management of British Airways, Cardiff Aviation and Pilot Flight Training Oxford for their most valuable contribution to this project.

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