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Aviation Enviromental Consultancy

Making Your Airline More Sustainable

Environmental issues are at the top of the aviation industry’s agenda, alongside safety and security. Airlines around the world are facing mounting pressure from governments, general public and media to reduce their fast-growing carbon emissions.

Brookfield strongly believes that sustainability is an important aspect of an airline’s business strategy, given that carbon emission projects are usually costly and time-consuming, and require a clear roadmap.

For these reasons, as part of Brookfield’s long-term expansion plan, we are proud to provide consultants that can support airlines in building strategic targets and plans with regard to addressing environmental concerns, with various sustainability initiatives including:

  • Afforestation

  • Use of renewable energy and alternative fuels

  • Fleet planning: use of fuel-efficient aircraft

  • Efficient aircraft operations

  • Electronic Flight Bag: reducing waste and weight

  • Water + Plastic waste management

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Quan Nguyen

Business Development Specialist

Please contact Quan Nguyen at for more information 



Airline Turnaround Strategies

Making Your Airline More Sustainable

The airline industry has been faced with several externalities. High competition, pressure to provide competitive airfares, struggle with cash flow, fuel price volatility, lack of expertise, pilot shortages - all together making a more difficult than forecasted business environment for airline operators. As a result, many airlines have been forced to go out of business, reminding us how vulnerable the industry is.

Brookfield strongly believes that it is crucial for airlines to protect their financial health and enhance a sustainable business environment without plunging into crisis.

For these reasons, as part of Brookfield’s long-term expansion plan, we are proud to provide consultants that can restructure airlines and advise the boards of directors in building and implementing turnaround strategies to enhance profitability, by boosting revenue generation and cost-saving initiatives including:

  • Revenue and pricing management

  • Competitive strategies and enhancement of efficiency

  • Budget and cost controlling  

  • Distribution channels and fleet planning

  • Network reconfiguration

  • Partnership introduction

  • Contract renegotiation


Anna Tran

Business Development & Financial Manager

Please contact Anna Tran at for more information 



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