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British Aviation Experience

Pilot Careers Live LHR

Thanks for meeting us at the event.

It was great to see you all!

You still can apply and register for British Aviation Experience.  Don't miss your chance!!!

Click here to sign up and for more information. 

Hope will see you next summer. 

More Information


Regular price for 14 to 18 years old: £3600

Price at the event: £3400

Regular price for 18+: £3300

Price at the event: £3100

Regular Deposit: £450

Deposit at the event: £100

(Plus VAT)


 14 to 18 years old

Group 1: 16th July - 27th July 2019

Group 2: 21st July -1st August 2019



9th June - 20th June 2019 

Pilot Careers Live Event

2nd and 3rd November 2018


Sofitel Hotel, Heathrow Airport T5 

Event Ticket Available at

Terms and Conditions

  • A deposit must be paid no later than 16:30 3rd November 2018 to receive the abovementioned discount.

  • All discounts are valid only on the date of the event, 2nd and 3rd November 2018.

  • Please download and read the complete Terms and Conditions

About the Programme

This unique course in the U.K. will give an insight into what it is like to work within the aviation industry. Students will experience many aspects of the life of an airline professional, pilot or aircraft engineer. This will include flying lessons on light aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic lessons, Boeing 747 simulator, Air Law, Aviation Communications, aircraft maintenance, safety and emergency training. There are also visits to airline headquarters, survival and self-defence training, and lectures from aviation experts. 

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