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The Professional’s Guide to a Global Aviation Career

Expert strategies and insider tips from your top aviation recruiter

Exceptional eBook designed with aviation personnel in mind! Explore a plethora of information tailored for you, including distinct viewpoints, professional advice, and tactical direction.

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Unique benefits of the eBook

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Licensed Comprehensive Guide for Aviation Personnel Recruitmen

The eBook provides aviation professionals with a step-by-step guide through the hiring process.

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Strategic Application Support from Brookfield Recruiters

Brookfield helps candidates with tailored job application strategies.

Essential Tips for Securing Aviation Jobs

The eBook provides essential job search tips for aviation professionals.

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Why choose Brookfield Aviation International for aviation human resources solutions?

The largest supplier of aviation human resources solutions, Brookfield Aviation International was founded in 1993 and has successfully placed over 7,000 qualified workers with more than 300 customer airlines, MROs, and private operators. With decades of experience and a flexible approach, we can find and provide top-tier industry experts worldwide, customised to your unique requirements.

What additional services does Brookfield Aviation International offer to its clients?

In addition to hiring, Brookfield Aviation International offers a wide range of other services, including financial solutions, transformative leadership coaching for aviation leaders, and engineering resources. By taking a comprehensive approach, we guarantee that our clients get the greatest operational support available.

How does Brookfield Aviation International ensure the well-being of aviation personnel during their recruitment?

At Brookfield Aviation International, we put our employees' welfare first by providing a wide range of support services throughout the hiring process. This approach results in a more contented and productive workforce since aviation professionals can concentrate on their work knowing that their requirements are met. Best of all, it's all free of charge—we don't charge our pilots for any services.


Alexa Young, CA

"The recruiters at Brookfield Aviation provided excellent collaboration. Their tailored approaches and assistance enabled me to land my ideal position. I'm so appreciative of their advice!" 
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Morgan James, NY

For my career, the eBook from Brookfield Aviation changed everything. It offered precise, doable instructions that made it easier for me to land a better job. I'm very grateful for the advice and assistance it provided!" 
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Connect our committed recruiters, who will assist you in the aviation industry in developing strategies that will help you to succeed and flourish in your career.

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