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Aviation Security

Protecting What Matters

Brookfield Aviation International has recently introduced a new range of services specialising in aviation and cyber security. We have an eclectic mix of professionals with a wide range of qualifications and experience in safety and security, including IATA approved safety auditors and security instructors, counter terrorism experts and ICAO AVSEC specialists.


Currently, the industry faces many security risks every day, ranging from daily threats such as criminals, refugees and asylum seekers attempting to pass through borders or using fraudulent documents; to major risks such as terrorism or human and drug trafficking. It is essential to establish a system whereby such risks are impenetrable or at least deterred.

Strengthened security is always an asset, however amidst this; it can also improve operational efficiencies within your organisation, improve the relationship between airports, airlines and aviation authorities as well as enhance customer satisfaction. Audits and checks can be done regularly and consistently without excessive costs. Our professionals can be employed on a long or short term contract or as permanent staff to suit your needs.


Brookfield Aviation offer consultants from an array of backgrounds including airlines, airports, aviation authorities, maritime, the police and the military, all highly qualified to implement the latest international security directives. The solutions that are offered are the most cost effective for your organisation whilst ensuring that security standards are met to the highest level of compliance.

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