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Covid-19 Covered under Brookfield Healthcare Plan

We believe that it is important to support all our clients and our aviation personnel with their health and wellbeing. That’s why we offer the Brookfield Healthcare Plan in addition to our other services, so you know we are there for you, every step of the way.

Hence, as the ongoing coronavirus situation evolves, Brookfield International Healthcare Plan includes worldwide cover for COVID 19 for you and your family members. It is vitally important in these days to have a healthcare plan in place, but what is most important are the benefits covered by the selected plan. Therefore, our partner (Now Health International) has designed a range of healthcare packages, for us to offer to our aviation community in order to get the best health assistance and cover their costs while living overseas. In terms of COVID 19 our plan offers the following benefits.

No pandemic exclusion – If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and need treatment, you will be covered as per terms of your plan.

Isolation ward treatment covered - If your medical practitioner deems it necessary, you are covered.

Cash benefit for free-of-charge hospitalisation - If you are hospitalised in a government facility or other public hospital that is free of charge, you will be entitled to a hospital cash benefit of up to of USD 3,750 or higher (assuming a hospital stay of 30 days).

Faster claim turnarounds – have been introduced for treatment pre-authorisations and claims processing for any member diagnosed with COVID-19, so you can rest assured you'll get access to the treatment you need fast.

Extended claims - the claim submission period has been extended from six to nine months for members diagnosed with COIVD-19, so you and your family can focus on getting you well, first and foremost.

Brookfield Aviation is proud to announce its new partnership with with Helipro (Fiji) Pte Limited as its South Pacific Co-ordinator for Medevac services in South Pacific Islands.

With the Brookfield South Pacific specialised medevac group insurance cover and Helipro’s years of providing International critical care services, patients can be assured of rapid response times and the best possible medical care in emergency medical situations.

Our medical plan has been selected by Helipro (Fiji) as the most suitable plan for their clients as it includes the key benefits which are listed below.

  1. · Access to the best private medical providers worldwide.

  2. · Coverage for Pre-existing medical conditions.

  3. · Digital access so you can manage your plan completely online.

  4. · Access to remote telemedicine consultations in certain territories, so you can get the treatment you need without visiting a clinic.

  5. EAP Service - A confidential professional support service that can help you and your eligible dependents address a wide range of life issues and challenges.

Thanks to the large number of members we already have insured under this scheme (airline clients and individuals), we are able to apply big reductions to our premiums and hence we are able to pass on these savings to our aviation community and their families who would like to take advantage of that and join the scheme. For more information, please contact Dea Hamiti:


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