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415.6 million Air Travellers Indicates Sharp Rise in Recruitment in LAC

In a historic year for Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) aviation, 2023 saw a remarkable milestone of 451.6 million air passengers, marking a 13.3% increase from 2022 and surpassing pre-pandemic levels by 3.9%. This growth follows the region's steady upward trajectory until 2020, when the pandemic disrupted the trend. The Caribbean exhibited the highest percentage increase in 2023, with a 20% growth in total passengers, 15% in flights, and 16% in seat capacity compared to 2022. 


The LAC Air Passenger Traffic Report, by the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), highlighted these achievements. December, the second busiest month of the year, witnessed a 6.3% increase in passenger volume compared to 2022, translating to an additional 2.4 million passengers. Notably, 62% of the growth came from the extra-regional international market. Additionally, December 2023 demonstrated a 3.3% increase compared to December 2019, affirming the positive trend in sector recovery. 


Key country performances in December included Colombia recording 49.5 million passengers, with a notable 30% increase in the international market. Brazil surpassed 100 million passengers, reaching 95% of 2019 traffic. The Dominican Republic set a record by exceeding 2022 passenger numbers by 13%. Costa Rica achieved a milestone with 7.9 million passengers, marking an 11% increase from the 2019 record and 26% more than in 2022. Panama recorded a record year with 18.2 million passengers, surpassing the 2019 peak by 8% and 16% more than in 2022. Ecuador recorded 8.5 million passengers, the highest figure since 2013, with a significant international traffic increase in August. 


The overall figures for 2023 include 451.6 million passengers (13.3% increase), 3.6 million flights (8.6% more than in 2022), and 285.8 million seats (10.5% more than in 2022). South America led in air traffic with 246.6 million passengers, 310.6 million seats, and 1.9 million flights. The Caribbean exhibited the highest growth percentage, with a 20% increase in passenger numbers, 16% more seat capacity, and a notable 15% increase in flights compared to 2022. December stood out as the month with the highest international passengers transported throughout the year, totalling 19.4 million. 


Brookfield Aviation International is incredibly happy with LAC's accomplishments. Carlos Guerrero, Vice president of Brookfield Aviation in Latin America commented on a rapid increase in air travel numbers. He acknowledged that they would have a massive influence in the aviation recruitment sector soon. 

With the exponential rise in demand in the aviation sector of skilled professionals which includes engineers and pilots, he anticipates a rapid increase in the need of qualified aviation personnel to support the emerging demands. 

As a seasoned player in the aviation industry for over 30 years, we are well poised to contribute our wealth of expertise to support Latin America’s aviation workforce. We acknowledge their resilience and determination, emphasising our commitment to supporting this emerging demand for aviation personnel. 


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