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Aviation Management Careers

Career positions are diversified: Pilots, engineers, cabin crew, air traffic controller, flight dispatchers, ground handling, etc. Among those, jobs for aviation management, who are vital decision makers ensuring the company’s commercial viability, quality, safety and regulatory compliance would be very tempting positions. Brookfield Aviation’s strength is pilot supply to the aviation industry; also, we actively recruit Aviation Management personnel for airlines with attractive packages and benefits.

Some opportunities for which Brookfield is recruiting can be found HERE (updated regularly)

The range of opportunities and roles in the industry is massive; you might start as flight crew and progress to airline affairs - get an aviation management position. As Brookfield candidates usually say: ‘The best thing in the industry is this one door can open to another’.

Advantages working in Aviation Management:

Give ideal place providing stability and give you room for growth - as learning from work scenarios, this is by getting involved in critical decisions that every decision is important for the mission.

  • Growing knowledge of international civil aviation regulations requirements pertaining to safety and security.

  • Travel opportunities: For those interested in seeing the world, some jobs require you to travel to many countries on different continents every week.

  • The opportunity to develop a career: Attending workshops and internal development programmes and continuously get further education and gain professional qualifications.

  • Approach and network with an international set of privileged individuals from the civil aviation industry

Required Skills

  • Professionals in aviation management and operations should possess strong communication skills and work well under pressure. Strong leadership qualities are also necessary.

  • Communication skills, finance and budgeting skills, management skills, supervisory skills are normal requisites.

  • Strong knowledge of the authority and company regulations and procedures.

  • Adaptability - Adaptability to change in the work environment, managing competing demands, accepting criticism and feedback, changes of approach and methods to best fit the situation.

  • Competent in required job skills and knowledge, ability to learn and apply new skills; keeping technical skills up to date; use of resources effectively; skilful in researching resources for developing operating policies and procedures.

  • Leadership – Motivates team members to participate and deliver known expectations. Inspires others to seek creative solutions and alternatives.

Brookfield Aviation with experience and prominent reputation from 1993 in the aviation industry worldwide is confident to be the excellent connection between airlines, MROs and aviation managers.

Ly Tran.

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