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Legends of Aviation # 6: Avianca

Avianca is the oldest operating airline in the Americas and one of the most legendary airlines in the World! Established 99 years ago, it has an amazing story, history and reputation and continues to be the most prestigious name in South American civil aviation.

It was founded in Barranquilla, a beautiful colonial city in Colombia by the Caribbean sea in December 1919 under the name of SCADTA. Started by five Colombians and three Germans, its first flight was with a Junkers F.13 carrying 57 mail letters. It was challenging but not so much as the second flight that flew from Barranquilla to the interior of Colombia for eight hours facing 4 emergency landings.

With every flight the airline improved and achieved more and more and was a protagonist in two exciting and important moments for its country: In 1923 with an internal flight Avianca saved Colombia from bankruptcy, transporting a cargo of gold and money and in 1956 the airline transported the Colombian delegation for 61 hours from Bogota to Melbourne, stopping only to refuel, to attend the Olympic Games. It was the longest and most challenging flight, which at the time was the proudest moment for Avianca.

Though the years the airline has formed strategic alliances such as Summa (2002-2004), American Continent Airways (2004-2009), Avianca Taca merger (2010-2013). It is the world's oldest continually operating airline and has won many certificates for its high quality procedures, standards of security, maintenance services, training and assistance to its aircraft.

Avianca is the only airline that has won the SIAGO Certificate from IATA , having successfully passed the 480 standards in Management and Control. In June 2017 it was elected the best Airline in South America for the 7th time by the Skytrax Awards. It is now operating in more than 26 different countries throughout Central and South America, Caribbean and Europe, with over 5,000 flights per week.

Brookfield Aviation is part of this history and an important business partner of the airline group looking to the future. We are proud to be part of this legend, supporting Avianca with pilots in El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia. We feel privileged and pleased to have Avianca as our exclusive client and this is why we want you, to be part of this ongoing success story!

Apply here if you want to fly with a Legend! Positions available now:

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