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More Airlines Launched Globally in 2017

With cheaper flights, low fuel prices and stronger economic growth, global demand for air travel is surging tremendously in 2017.

Every 3.5 days, a new airline is announced - according to Airline Network News and Analysis, especially in 2017, during which the world so far has 79 new start-up airlines that launched flights and 19 new operators originating life.

Asia having rapid growth in the commercial aviation sector in recent decades, witnessed the announcement of 12 new airlines in 2017. Possessing the same number of 5 new airlines launched in UK, China has delivered the most new airlines in 2017, followed by India with 3 new operators announced. The most developing countries in South East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia have the noteworthy initiations of Wisdom Airways, Bamboo Airways and AirAsia Cambodia respectively which shows the courageous entrepreneurial efforts in the region.

With 14 newly set-up airlines, Africa has a notable potential with only one failed airline in 2017, comparing to 14 insolvent airlines in EU and 6 in North America. Especially, the continent has new operators in 11 different countries creating various diversities and advantages.

At the 305th day of 2017, the Middle East region had also initiated 4 buoyant airlines, mostly in Iran. Strikingly, the revival of one outstanding Airline in Middle East - Fly Baghdad restarted their operation from February 2017 and has remarkable expansion plans in the first 9 months of operation.

Australasia has 2 new airlines: Hevilift Australia and Samoa Airways - as Fiji Airways's relaunch show the numerous triumphs of the region.

North America with 5 new carriers, mainly based in the US and Canada has the least airline entrepreneurial spirit. The most notable being Swoop, basing in Calgary which will begin flying in June 2018, its initial operating fleet of 6 Boeing 737-800s.

Arising significantly in Colombia, Chile and Argentina; the appearance of 11 new airlines in South America show the development in the region. 3 of 11 new airlines: Azul Uruguay, Norwegian Air Argentina and VivaAirPanamá are established by big brand airlines and have promising signals from the start.

In Europe, Brexit may have caused geo-political instability and security issues may incur difficulties for airline start-ups, however the development is unstoppable with the rise of 29 new airlines:

It is a positive signal for the aviation industry with emergence of new airlines worldwide. Brookfield Aviation - with more than 24 years working in the industry has firm cooperation with airlines globally and always strives to constantly grow and adapt our expertise to the industry’s development.

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