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Brookfield New Pilot Recruitment Database Launched!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new database which is now live on our website. The new application makes it very quick and easy for pilots to register with us and to be kept informed with the most recent and best jobs in aviation. We have already received very positive feedback from our user-pilots who have taken advantage of the new system, and we also have some words to share.

The system allows contact with Brookfield staff on 24/7/365, as we can have access to pilots’ messages from any device whenever and wherever so that we can respond according to the information filed by the pilots. We recognise that one of the key elements for success in our business is the speed of response, and the new system will enable us to expedite our service to pilots and airlines alike.

We constantly carry out consolidations for all registered pilots regarding the requirements of the job offers. For example, according to the specific job requirements from our clients, we filter the pilots from our database who meet all the criteria of this position, and then give more details of the job to selected pilots. In our new database, all company employees can get the information of all registered pilots. The data will be shared in-house which will be more effective for us to find pilots who fit the available positions very well. The data is however treated in the strictest confidence and not disclosed outside the company without the pilots’ authority.This system is really easy to use.

The surface is really simple and provides valuable information. Pilots are always busy flying and this user friendly system will increase the efficiency for pilots to get more information from us. This character is shown in the following points:

1) The registration is one click restraining. Is LinkedIn account which enables pilots to transfer the LinkedIn data to the new database automatically.

2) Information is automatically populated.

3) One click applies

4) Automated job suggestion according to pilot's experience

Information renewal is also a key factor of the system. Pilots can update their data anywhere at any time. When the pilots finish their flight, they can use their phone to update their own status or flight hours in our database. The database will be updated thus enabling us to have the latest information of the pilots.

For the pilots, they don’t need to check the job information manually. We can send the offer to pilots automatically. That information is specifically targeted to them and the pilots will get the valuable information in a timely manner.

If you have any comments regarding our database, please do let us know. Meanwhile, we are calling all pilots to try our dataset, it is absolutely fantastic!

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