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Education and Training for the Next Generation of Pilots

Brookfield’s ever strengthening presence in the aviation training sector has led to the company’s major participation in “Pilot Careers Live” at Heathrow and Rome, in November. The Brookfield Education Team sought to get closer to the young people to understand their needs and concerns regarding the industry. After speaking with more than 800 youngsters and parents about the opportunities and different career paths, Brookfield Education and Training will further extend its range of services.

Brookfield Education and Training Team with students and their parents at Heathrow Pilot Careers Event

During the last few years, the Brookfield team has noticed the increasing demand for pilots all around the world and how difficult it was becoming to meet such demand. The declarations of the most prominent manufacturers of the industry Boeing and Airbus confirm such analysis. However, as a global supplier and resource solutions provider, Brookfield is undertaking the project of training the pilots and engineers of tomorrow with its sister company Brookfield Education and Training Ltd.

This company launched the successful Pilot Development Programmes on the A320 and Q-400 for low-hour pilots. The EASA Engineer Training Programme was created with the aim of providing students with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering degree, the B1 licence and three and a half years’ work experience - a complete set of skills to be a qualified and employable engineer.

However, Brookfield Education and Training has gone further. In 2016 the company reached agreements with training centres in Europe and around the world. The partnerships will allow candidates to follow the complete path of a pilot career, from zero hours cadet to first officer with one the Brookfield’s clients.

Brookfield Education and Training at Pilot Career Event in Rome

Therefore, for 2017 the company will open a full array of pilot development programmes ranging from affordable prices to the most demanded aircraft in the market. It does not only focus on the European market, but also global solutions provider programmes in America and Africa for those Non-EASA pilots who look to build those valuable hours.

Meanwhile, the team introduced a new service in the Rome and London events to inform those kids who are not still convinced about entering the industry, to experience two weeks of aviation life, with an affordable price and diversity of activities. If you want to know more about it, please contact us at

If you want to know the full range of programmes that we offer please visit us at

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