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A Helping Hand in China.

Going to work as a pilot in China? What will happen during the selection process and how will it be when you get there. It can be a big culture-shock for many pilots, so we asked Brookfield’s client liaison associate for Central China, Jacob Ren, how he supports new pilots arriving in his country

Q. Jacob, what’s the first contact you have with pilots arriving in China?

I pick up the candidates from the airport and take them to hotel. When pilots first come to China, some have communication issues because not everybody speaks Chinese, so I make sure everybody is comfortable. I accompany and help the candidate from beginning to end through the whole screening process, as translator, personal assistant, trouble-solver, suggestion-provider. I help them to talk with doctors during the medical check; I help them fill any kinds of required forms for screening in Chinese; I bring refreshments. I offer them my genuine tips about screening from my experience so that they can pass it successfully. I always try my best to make them feel good when they are in China. After candidates go back to their home countries, I follow up on their medical check report and reimbursement and provide any new information.

Q. What do you like about doing this job for Brookfield?

I instantly fell in love with this job when I took it. Every time I accompany foreign captains to screening, it is not just work for me but a new experience where I can hear a lot of interesting stories and gain new knowledge. When I talk with captains from various countries, I acquire the chance to know their culture, traditions and unique tastes. I make friends with my “clients” because in China, it is our tradition and belief to take care of our guests who come from far away. Every captain is both my guest and friend. Not only providing the best service and professional assistance, but also I am willing to make them feel at home, touching the subtle charm of China.

Q. How do the pilots select the most suitable job for themselves in China?

Usually, we will send captains the most suitable offer from the airline company according to their personal requirements at the very beginning. Chinese airlines can provide the best terms with high salary, tempting bonus and flexible patterns, which is also the reason why China is the foreign captains’ first choice of work place. After that, we to talk with the airline company and arrange the screening date both airline and candidate can accept. After booking the candidate’s screening, my work officially starts.

Capt Mikhail and Jacob Ren in China International Airport

Q. How is this rewarding for you and the pilot?

Even though it looks like easy work, it’s very important for the pilot and I take it very seriously. I still remember the first client I assisted, Capt Mikhail. When he was ready to go back home after his first visit, he thanked me for my help and said my professional service was really good and helpful. At that time, his words meant a lot for me, which gave me the motivation and encouragement to let me keep going, providing our best service to every candidate, treating every captain with my kindness and friendliness. A thank you from every captain is my best present. I hope all of them can find a good job in China with my help.

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