July 4, 2019

Starting up a company is never easy, starting an airline has all sorts of specific challenges that are hard to be estimated the first time around.

Starting an airline requires a substantial investment for completing the certification process, leasing or purchasing planes, recruiting, tr...

September 5, 2018

Airport New City in Xi’an has a total planning area of 144.18 square kilometres, including 13.8 square kilometres free trade area. It’s one of the largest airport economic and free trade zones in China, having established the strategic orientation of “Four Centres” around the overall g...

February 16, 2018

It is a plea heard by passengers at the beginning of thousands of flights around the world each day. “Please set your portable electronic devices, including any mobile phones, to flight mode.” Most people do it, even if they're not 100% sure why.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC),...

August 11, 2017

With the Asia-Pacific to China and India-based new economic development, there is now more air traffic on the US-Asian Pacific routes than on the Atlantic routes between Europe and the United States. On July 27, 2015, China Eastern, announced that they have signed a conditional share p...

May 26, 2017

Getting a well-paid job is a goal for very many people, and there are not many jobs as well remunerated as that of an airline captain in China. Brookfield has supplied the best and largest Chinese airlines with pilots for more than ten years. Pilots wishing to work there need to be pre...

February 5, 2016

China has for a long time been a favourite destination for expatriate pilots.  The demand for captains on Boeing and Airbus jets in particular seems to be insatiable. It’s a popular subject on pilots’ social media and in the crew rooms. But what’s it like being a foreign pilot in China...

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