February 24, 2017

The world airline industry has gone through a roller-coaster ride over the past decade. Among factors contributing are, the growing demand for air travel, the fierce competition for market share between LCCs and flag carriers and the amount of commercial pilots required to meet a surge...

December 8, 2016

“Later, I realized that the mission had to end in a let-down because the real barrier wasn't in the sky but in our knowledge and experience of supersonic flight” -  Charles ‘Chuck’ Yeager.

It’s been almost 70 years since Chuck Yeager broke in the Bell X-1 ‘’Glamorous Glennis’’ what was...

September 9, 2016

The ancient Greeks were the first to identify that mental and physical health were connected and that the body and mind should be in harmony. Furthermore, in recent times medical scientists have supported the relevance of this link between mind and body and emphasised the fact that phy...

June 1, 2016

The use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is soaring for commercial and military purposes, a trend which is believed to be increasing the risk of terrorist attacks or incidents involving aircraft. So are we allowing our insatiable need for technology to become one of our bigg...

February 8, 2016


According to the FAA in its latest 20 year aviation forecast, the Latin American region will experience an expected and significant growth of 4.5% per year by 2034. As seen on the latest Data Insight Business Aviation Report 2015 (FlightGlobal/Innovata). Global Fleet Distribution by...

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