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Strengths Psychometric Report & Course

Helping airlines to identify what makes aviation personnel unique through their innate strengths and how to optimise these to achieve exceptional results and minimise performance risks.

Maximise the impact with our cost-effective, self-led, online course that gives your people the opportunity to deep dive into their report to truly understand what energises them and learn how to bring their best to work every day.

Our Partner

At HRP we help people discover what energises them at work so they can feel motivated and inspired to perform at their best.


We love the positive psychology approach - this is about focusing on what you are good at and doing more of it rather than overly focusing on weaknesses.


We truly believe adopting a strengths-based culture can transform your business and increase engagement for your most important and valuable asset - your people.


We are primarily a coaching and team development business who recognise that traditional 121 coaching is not always scalable and can often mean only those at the very top receive this crucial investment in their personal development.


We created this online strengths course that combines with the Strengthscope® psychometric report so you can offer all your people the opportunity to increase their self-awareness, and self-confidence to reach their full potential.

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Tested and registered with the British Psychological Society.

Bringing energy and positive outcomes for people at work

Best time to use

  • Airlines and individuals need cultural change

  • Low engagement​

  • Development programmes​

  • New employees​

  • Increase productivity and ROI

What you can expect

  • Simple to implement and scale to large teams or even organisation wide

  • A British psychology society approved psychometric report that identifies an individual's unique innate strengths

  • A self-led online course with insightful lessons that enable you to maximise the impact of the report learnings

  • Positive psychology throughout - helping people to optimise their strengths and perform at their best at work

  • 6 hours of self-led lessons with interactive videos and high quality workbooks that give individuals a tangible, actionable process to maximise the use of their strengths and minimise their performance risks

  • A consistent and repeatable approach using universal language that ensures everyone is on the same page


People who know and use their strengths effectively experience the following benefits..

  • Higher levels of well-being

  • Higher levels of motivation

  • More effective problem solving

  • Improved relationships at work

  • High self-confidence

  • Greater career success

  • More effective collaboration

  • Higher levels of job satisfaction

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