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Quotes from previous students

Brookfield Aviation

Jaeden from Bermuda 

"What I feel I have gained both personally and professionally is how to deal with different people from different places around the world and get along with them."

William from Norway

"My most rewarding part of this experience was my first hour of flight in a real plane. This gave me the basic idea of flying a plane and how difficult it can be."

767 first officer co-pilot jobs in asia
767 first officer co-pilot jobs in asia

Anunth from India

"This (experience) did inspire me, especially after the visit to British Airways HQ, to find a corporate job in aviation perhaps in airline development or cabin design."

Tim from Germany

"I have gained the ability to fly a plane and have made friends. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to others."

Tim from germany

Matei from Romania

"The maintenance of the Boeing 767-200 and the simulators were the most rewarding part of the trip. That is because it helped me understand what it is like to be an engineer and what it is like to fly a wide body aircraft."

At the end of “The British Aviation Experience” the students will have logged their first hours of flight, improved their spoken English and gained experience and knowledge of many aspects of the aviation industry to help them decide if being a pilot is a career for them. Most importantly they will gain life skills, make friends from around the world and have two weeks of fun.

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