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Teenage package (Age 14 to 18)

A unique two week aviation course in the United Kingdom

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Pilot Flight Training (3 Hours of Flight)*

Each student will have three flying lessons of 1 hour on different days* The flying school is  fully approved to teach pilots for the European (EASA) Private Pilot's Licence and Light Aircraft Pilot Licence. All ground school, pilot flight training and flight tests required are conducted by the flight school at the airfield by professional instructors and flight examiners dedicated to providing high quality training. The student will also receive items of uniform, a pilot’s logbook with flights recorded, photograph and a certificate.

London Sightseeing

Students will be able to enjoy time in London to see the many famous sights such as Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, St. Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye, to name but a few.



Simulator Day – Cardiff

Students will fly the famous Boeing 747-400 “Jumbo Jet” in an airline standard full motion flight simulator. A perfect opportunity for would-be pilots to get a real feel for what it’s like to be a pilot on the Boeing 747. Students will fly 30 minutes as Pilot in Command (PIC), 30 minutes as co-pilot and one hour as an observer. Each student will receive a certificate and photograph. With full motion and sound, it’s the closest thing to really flying without leaving the ground.

Visit to Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul Facility

A rare opportunity to see how modern jet aircraft are repaired and maintained, with a visit to a busy aircraft maintenance facility. There will be a tour of the 12,000 sq. metre aircraft hangar which will give students a good understanding of how jet aircraft fly and what needs to be done to keep them flying safely.  Aircraft types being worked on include the Boeing 737, Boeing 757 and Airbus 320 series – the world’s most popular jets.

Cardiff City Tour

A tour of the capital city of Wales to discover the cultural and historic attractions such as Cardiff Castle, Llandaff Cathedral, the Senedd (Welsh parliament building), Millennium Centre , “Dr. Who Experience” and Principality Stadium.


Safety Equipment & Procedures (SEP) Awareness Day

A visit to British Airways own crew training centre at Heathrow Airport for a day course to learn how air crew deal with emergencies. The course consists of a welcome session with instructors, unplanned and planned emergencies (the procedures, commands and practical exercises), safety demos, pilot incapacitation, principles of survival, fire ground and smoke chamber (each student will put out an oven fire, put on a smoke hood and also take part in an exercise in the smoke chamber), slide descent (using the Airbus 320 Slide), slide raft and a final Q&A session.

Visit to British Airways HQ

A two hour tour of British Airways Heritage Museum at London Heathrow, with a presentation by British Airways on “ The Operations of an International Airline”.



Science Museum (Aviation Focus). London

Students can discover the absorbing story of flight and examine exhibits from the pioneer days of aviation, including the world's most authentic Antoinette monoplane (1909), Amy Johnson's Gipsy Moth and the Vickers Vimy, which first crossed the Atlantic in 1919. Other exhibits include a complete slice of a genuine Boeing 747 jumbo jet and the Typhoon Force simulator.

Daytona Sandown Park

A fun day racing motorised go-karts around a professional racing circuit. Racing kit and helmets are provided and briefings are given to ensure the safety of the participants.


Brooklands Aero flight Museum

A visit to Brooklands to see the large number of historic aircraft exhibits including the supersonic Concorde (with virtual flight) and Red Arrows in 3D.


Accommodation – Brunel University Residence

Students will be accommodated at Brunel University In Uxbridge, West London, where students will also have talks  by airline professionals such as pilots, airline managers and engineers will also take place at the university campus.

At the end of “The British Aviation Experience” the students will have logged their first hours of flight,  gained experience and knowledge of many aspects of the aviation industry to help them decide if being a pilot is a career for them. Most importantly they will gain life skills, make friends from around the world and have two weeks of fun.

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