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Making You Airline Greener



Environmental issues are at the top of the aviation industry’s agenda, alongside safety and security. Airlines around the world are facing mounting pressure from governments, general public and media to reduce their fast-growing carbon emissions.

why choose us?

Since 1993, Brookfield Aviation has provided support to airlines in building strategic targets and more recently with regards to environmental concerns, which include a wide range of cost-effective sustainability measures and initiatives. Our consultants are prominent industry figures who have played a big part in reducing the carbon footprint of airlines and creating a greener environment.

What can we offer?

Brookfield consultants will assist your airline to improve fuel efficiency and to tackle all environmental issues, allowing your airline to be compliant with CORSIA. This can be done by setting up a tailored programme, learning how and where to make savings with the use of a wide range of environmental measures and initiatives implemented across the organisation.

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