Are you Searching for E190 First Officer Co-pilot Jobs in Asia?

Welcome to Brookfield Aviation, one of the world’s leading sources for aviation job solutions for many reputable airlines. We are trusted by a wealth of different airlines due to our ability to contact and hire aviation crew for even the most exact job requirements. So whether you have openings for E190 First Officer Co-pilot Jobs in Asia or 767 first officer co-pilot jobs in Asia and Boeing 787 first officer job in Vietnam. 


If your searching for E190 First Officer Co-pilot Jobs in Asia, then you will be happy to hear that we work closely with several airlines in Asia, with one to mention is China Express. When China Express got in touch with our team, we gain all the details of the type of job that was available, so that we are able to deliver our the most accurate and precise information about the job they were offering for our clients. This includes various terms such as the designated location, duration, accommodation, the work pattern and company benefits. 


In addition to allowing airlines to post their E190 First Officer Co-pilot Jobs in Asia on our website, we also offer a course to build upon the skills you already have. Such as the pilot development programme for the Airbus A320 Family. The requirement for this programme is a CPL license with multi-engine instrument rating, multi-crew cooperation course certificate, frozen ATPL, a minimum 70 hrs of pilots in command on aeroplanes, no criminal record, a letter of recommendation from the last job, CV, English ICAO Level 4 and a first medical certificate. The benefit of doing this course is there is a possibility of a contract at the end of the training, depending on cadet performance and the operational need of the airline.


Other than E190 First Officer Co-pilot Jobs in Asia, we also help pilots looking for jobs; you will be pleased to know that we work with many globally known airlines. For each job post, the most important details that will be included such as the company benefits and the required qualifications and training and the desired flight hours. Additionally to this, there will be information about the airline.


To find out the most suitable E190 First Officer Co-pilot Jobs in Asia, head over to the Brookfield Aviation website today. However, if you have any questions about our services, feel free to give us a call on +44 (0) 1372 747044 to speak to our friendly customer service team. Alternatively, we are also available via email at